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Go on a new journey and sell your car in a short time without any hassle.

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    Welcome to RSVMOTORS

    There comes a time when life needs new challenges and a charge of positive emotions, and if we can connect this with changing the car, the impressions are guaranteed. "RSVMOTORS" offers exceptional car sales services, which are based on high quality, determination and liquidity. Here, every transaction is carried out by shortening the time and complexity of the sales processes, so if you want to sell your car quickly and conveniently, "RSVMOTORS" is your reliable partner.

    Our mission

    We use our extensive experience in the automotive business to simplify the complex and often time-consuming processes of selling cars. We want to pursue our desire and expertise in the automotive industry to simplify the way cars are bought and sold. If you do not know exactly how much your car is worth, our professional and experienced team will help you determine the exact value of the car and offer you the highest market price.

    Why choose us?

    "RSVMOTORS" will not only sell your car quickly and effortlessly, but will also provide additional benefits.


    All cars sold by "RSVMOTORS" are insured for a total amount of 10 million euros, so you will not experience any risk.


    Our sales network consists of more than 350 car sales points, accessible to 100 million potential customers from all over Europe.


    There are no fees for car storage, insurance, maintenance and advertising on our partner websites (e.g. www.mobile.de).


    Our buyers appreciate the quality of the cars they buy from trusted dealers, so they are ready to pay a higher amount of money for it.


    The premises where the cars for sale are stored are protected by the latest generation of alarm systems, which are connected to the local police department.


    We provide the service of transporting your sold car from your home or from our sales center to the buyer.

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    Go on a new journey and sell your car in a short time without any hassle

    Nothing spurs us on more than a successful car sale. Every vehicle has a buyer and it is our mission to find them. Our experienced sales team not only offers you the best price (depending on the details of your car) but also an extremely easy sales process.

    Once you've signed the contract with us and your car is in our care, all you have to do is sit back. Our team will take care of the rest. We take professional photos and take care of your vehicle throughout the sales process. The car remains yours until the moment you have been paid in the payment method you have chosen. Forget the complicated steps of selling a car - we do it all for you.

    Sell ​​my car

      Find out how and for whom we will use your data by reading our Privacy policy: *


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